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Our approach to protecting our client's interest and our Human Resources make Sequentur different and a leader in MSP and IT services in Florida and nationwide.

Why we are a
different MSP Company

Proactive Approach
When we partner with you, we not only seek to resolve any immediate situations at hand but also think in “futures“ and offer advise to better align your IT & Business Goals.
The People
You are as good as your team is. With a 98% in case resolution within 24 hours, we are proud and confident in our ability to help you – any time, every time.
IT as Value
We believe your IT should contribute to your Business Goals and offer security, efficiency, and value as opposed to being overhead. We continuously achieve this with our Clients.
On-Site & Remote
We believe our top-notch support can be delivered on-site when needed – the human approach. We also have remote assistance, whichever is better suited.

How we became
The Top MSP in Tampa, FL

The Beginning

After a successful career as a Senior Systems Engineer at a top IT Consulting firm in Metro DC for over 9 years, Roman took the logical next step of opening a company where deficiencies he noted in the field would be corrected.  His observations were a lack of common sense in the field – a clear divorce between IT and Business Goals, lack of Customer Service commitment, mishandling of customer’s resources.  His vision with Sequentur was to make these deficiencies non-existent; hence, Sequentur (from Latin “to follow”) was born in 2007.

The purpose continues to clear as stated in our Vision: “Create a corporate world where IT is not just another expense, but an essential tool of continued advancement and efficiency.”

The approach towards our clients remains simple, we are in this together as partners not just “another” MSP.

The Present

We currently have over 20 well-trained staff, a solid Executive Team along with key areas filled and expanding.

Consistent 30% growth and income reaching healthy figures, continued recognition in our field, and increased service areas.

The Future

We want to continue our growth by increasing our client and team base by generating an MSP culture that is personalized and treats our clients and staff as family, ensuring they are secure and functioning.

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Successful Migrations
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Help Desk & Support
The Struggle, The Rise

There is not such a thing as a free lunch. Any decent goal requires commitment, dedication, and loyalty to self, your people, your clients.

Easy to say now that Sequentur has reached a continued 30 % growth, but was on that struggle and overcoming health, financial, and staffing issues where we gained the prowess needed to understand what a real Managed Service Provider should do and look like and how to accomplish and – better, sustain it.

The dozens of Customer Success Stories we get every month keep us motivated and on the right path, and yet, lesson learned “when there is a bad review, go immediately back and resolve whatever is needed to have that client happy and service restored” – this was and is Roman’s secret to success and what created our rise to be the Top-Notch MSP company in Florida and the East Coast.

What we stand for

Our Mission
To provide our customers with secure, robust, and reliable IT Infrastructure systems and support.
Our Goal
To empower users to utilize IT Systems to their fullest extent.
Our Vision
Create a corporate world where IT is not just another expense, but an essential tool of continued advancement and efficiency.

Meet our dedicated
Leadership Tech Team

VP of EngineeringJon
Business Continuity DirectorGabe
Help Desk ManagerSarah
Senior Systems EngineerGeoffrey
Security AnalystDiane
Senior Help Desk EngineerJames
Senior Help Desk EngineerJosiah

Tech Support
Client Feedback

Amazing service!
James not only resolved the issue that I initially contacted Sequentur about – he also evaluated and made adjustments so that my current device could function more smoothly. He also made a great/cost-effective recommendation for how my current device could be upgraded to improve productivity. I really appreciate all of his help!

Adam K.
Director E-Communications

Fast Support
Our vCenter certificate expired which caused processes in XenApp to break as well. I put in a ticket with Sequentur this morning and Geoffrey had it resolved within a couple of hours.

Mike B.

Cliff responded promptly to my problem and followed up to be sure the problem was solved. He also taught me a neat trick about screengrabs while he was at it. Top-notch!

Patty R.
VP Content & Exhibit Development

Prompt Service
Very prompt and efficient service from Josiah, setting up a new user on short notice (she was hired this morning). Thank you Josiah!

Yvonne G.
Executive Administrator

What a pro
James was exceptional. He is professional, patient, and highly skilled. With his experience and knowledge, he was able to keep me up and running. He is an example of how IT support should be provided, very pleased!

Dean P.
VP of Financial Planning & Analysis

Yes we can
Sequentur fixed my Microsoft subscription error when Microsoft could not! I had paid my subscription fees, but Office 365 would not update my subscription. The Sequentur tech logged into my laptop remotely and fixed the issue in a few minutes when Microsoft could not!

Jeff N.

Sequentur IT Partners

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