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As a Business IT Support company for small businesses & enterprises, we execute Disaster Recovery Plans providing quick recovery from cyberattacks or natural events,  safeguarding your data and ensuring Business Continuity.

Ensuring your
Business Continuity

Your organization requires specific business IT support and actions to be set in motion when cybercriminals strike. As your Managed Service Provider, we have the experience in the field and knowledge to act and give you that comfort only preparedness can provide.
All Inclusive
Experience our unique approach to Risk Assessment and Plan Development.
Recovery Process
Keep your business running with server snapshots and restoration with the latest data.
Maintenance, periodic testing, and updating ensure up-to-date recovery protection.
Business Impact
We’ll assess your business processes, determining vulnerable areas and formulating an action plan.

Cyberattacks, Ransomware, Phishing
Business Recovery Plans & Actions

At Sequentur, being a top MSP, we know you need a proactive approach to your business data and security. We understand you need IT support when is required – that’s why we have a 24/7 Help Desk with remote and on-site support.

Help, before and after

We don’t take chances with your company data or the integrity of your information. We inspect your systems and take action towards advanced planning and preparation to make sure your organization will continue functioning even after being compromised or even locked out by ransomware or other emergencies.

Our skilled engineers are experts in preparing and recovering your business from events that can include natural disasters, cyberattacks, phishing, a business crisis, pandemic, workplace violence, or any other situation that could result in a disruption of your normal operation.

We do this by performing penetrations tests, finding and fixing vulnerabilities, personnel training, updates and patching, among other actions. Of course, we also set in place a complete set of backups and contingency plans to have your operations restored with minimum downtime.

We can prepare your business to recover from any emergency. We stand ready to help you.

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Managed & Hosting Retention

A Rockstar!

Once again, James is a Rockstar! He effectively resolved my Windows firmware and operating system update that caused display resolution challenges with my Citrix Engine. On a scale of 1 – 10, James is a 15! 🙂

Chuck W.

Sequentur is great.

Sequentur is great. Just moments after putting in a trouble ticket they are contacting you to fix the problem, and even more importantly, they always do.

Nicki C.
Google Review


OMGosh Josiah was amazing. He was very patient as I finished my task at hand and was understanding when I stepped away during my scheduled break. My issue was resolved surprisingly quickly and I was back to business. I was very pleased with the service and results.

James G.

BIA Planning & Execution
Business Impact Analysis

The question many executives face is, how prepared is my business from a cyberattack?

As a Managed Service Provider, our years of experience and hands-on work in the field companies get back after a situation has answered that question: things must not be left to chance. Our multiple-tier approach along with a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) will assess your processes, determine which areas are vulnerable and, in turn, allow us to present a tailor-made plan to give your that piece of mind you need to focus your energy in running your company.

Our Business Continuity Checklist includes supplies, documentation, access, security policies, equipment, the location of data backups, and backup sites, among other key points. The plan is available and distributed to those who should have it along with contact information for emergency responders, key personnel, and backup site providers.

To top this off, our array of hand-picked partners provide the security a small business or a big business needs to remain operational after any unforeseen event.

Get the Business IT Support your company needs. Contact us and get started today.

    In search for the Top Business IT Service Provider in Tampa and the East Coast?

    When it comes to IT MSP and Business IT Support, our approach is unique to this field. Besides a top-notch Cybersecurity package, we also provide all disaster recovery system configurations, checklists, and instructional materials for companies of any size.

    Get the conversation started on how we can help your business be prepared with a strategy to overcome cyberattacks or natural disasters with minimum to zero downtime.


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